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Blush Response - Hearts Grow Dull (2018) EN

As the Adelaida based musicians describe themselves, the band is all about the internal conflict between their leader, Alister Douglas', liking to write dream pop melodies and his urge to tear them apart with reverbs and guitar noise. Blush Response benefits from this as on their new album, both of those things sound brilliant.

From the very first moments, you can notice both, the delicate or even drowsy vocal of Douglas and very determined, noisy guitars. "Blasphemy" misleads a bit with its slow pace and great usage of silence as just after this one, way faster music takes the stage with "Cruel" and other songs. The band in general balances the amount of music in both climates but I would say that I enjoyed the more ballad-like, filled with dreamy atmosphere instead of catchiness tracks more, as for example the already mentioned "Blasphemy" or "Horizon".

The track the album is named after, "Hearts Grow Dull", proves on the other hand, that the musicians can also build up a beautiful noise that fills up heart and overshadows minds. This is what you listen to such music for. Similarly with "Drive", the noise in this track makes a real ocean of overpowering sounds in the way My Bloody Valentine does. It makes also a great metaphor of life with the chorus going like "It’s a long drive home, and I don’t know where this road goes". 

"Hearts Grow Dull" costs whatever you want to pay.

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