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Centrefold - Centrefold (2018) EN

The Canadian Centrefold is one of the bands that really value "shoegaze bliss, noise rock intensity, and raw emotion". The four pieces band after gaining a lot of attention in their local St John's area, have released their debut album and seems to be ready to conquer more of the shoegazing loving world.

No wonder that the artists inspired by the biggest names, from MBV and Slowdive up to Ride (this Polar Bear in the band's image!) recorded an album filled with heavy sounding guitars and airy melodies. This blending sounds particularly well in "Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't" that appears surprisingly just after "Break" and introduces the high-pitched voice of Becca Spurrell (who is responsible for drums and... gender balance in the band) and high-pitched guitar riffs. It seems that Spurrell is generally very important for Centrefold as the super clearly heard drums leads the way throughout the whole album.

Another interesting track would be "Sprain the Sun" that is both extremely catchy and one of the most lo-fi sounding. In general, the whole album was recorded in living rooms and basements so there has to be some imperfection (and laughter). Apparently, the band is known for the crazy things they do on stage, you can only imagine how extraordinary an experience seeing them live can be.

"Centrefold" costs 7 CAD.

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