wtorek, 22 maja 2018

Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Queen Tired (2018) EN

In the "information" section on their Facebook account, there is only one word: "loud". They borrowed their name from a title of a song by a slightly forgotten American shoegaze classic band, Lilys. In their band picture, they look like punks wanting to destroy everything. Elizabeth Colour Wheel, shoegazers from Boston have released a short but meaty album.

Three tracks present a combination of punkishly raw guitars and female vocal with a great range. The whole things sounds like something from the border of shoegaze and exciting punk music, the noise atmosphere consumes the audience and the vocal emits incredible amounts of emotions. Just like in "Mika Says" in which for a long time a listener is surprised by the quality of the vocal which in the end collapses and leads the way to a dirty, energetic finish.

If dream pop is one side of shoegaze, the Americans are on its exactly opposite end. The tracks stimulates to go wild and have no place for any moments of an airy peace. Even a slower beginning of "Unknown Tomb" radiates dangerously unsettling atmosphere blasting from time to time with great noise. And if anyone still has any doubts about the band's punk nature, it's worth mentioning that almost the whole, 17-minutes-long "Pomsky" makes a love tribute to ugly, droning reverbs. And also beautiful.

"Queen Tired" costs whatever you would pay.

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