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Rocket Miner - The Long Goodbye (2018) EN

Instrumental music band from Chicago that has been playing "their blend of post-rock" for 8 years now, Rocket Miner have released a new album. As they describe it, it should match the taste of the Russian Circles, The Will Destroy You or Explosions In The Sky fans. Loud guitar music that finds the perfect balance between being atmospheric and aggressive.

It's impressive how the band build their compositions, slowly but methodically setting up the tension only to release it in a very satisfying way in the end, be it with very loud music or with surprising sample with a dialog about consciousness (in "Shorty Thereafter"). Very bitter but also unfortunately very up to the point. As of "In Extremis", it gets louder but there is no exaggeration, the Americans are very skilled in balancing the noise and they would rather make atmospheric music than music that makes ears bleed.

We can see that best in "Imbrium" that is in the biggest part filled with almost delicate guitar music that ultimately transforms into a rapid melancholy river. This pattern is visible in particular tracks but also in the whole album. The finishing sounds crown the tracks, and so does the last track, "Somewhere Between Nightmares and Dreams" with the whole album, thanks to the massive music layer and quite surprising but fitting vocal appearing out of nowhere.

"The Long Goodbye" costs 7 EUR.

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