środa, 9 maja 2018

Dear Laika - Rinzen (2018) EN

"Music like when there are stars but the sky isn't dark yet". Visionary artist known as Dear Laika has released her new album and it's so difficult to stop listening to. Mystical ambient filled with sadness and beauty is just one of labels you could use here if you wanted. But what for. It's better to listen to and cry.

Rinzen in Japanese means "sudden awakening". It is addressed in the most interesting track of the album, "Brenhilda's Wake", in which delicate but also very much unsettling in this delicacy sounds in the backgrounds accompany theatrical vocal and incapacitating choral that tops the track well. If you came for catchy melodies, you have to leave. But if you came for beauty, leaving is not possible.

The rest of the album is filled with dancing drones, samples and combination of singing and live instruments that sounds like a soundtrack from a musical (especially in "Leaves in Valombrosa"). Phenomenal.

"Rinzen" costs 3.50 GBP.

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