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Forever Losing Sleep - Ritualistic (2018) EN

Forever Losing Sleep is a band from New Jersey that after releasing their debut album in 2014 disappeared and is gradually appearing back this year finally. In April they showed the word their new EP that is short but managed to catch my attention.

No wonder as "Ritualistic" is filled with dark emotions all the way to the top. The combination of post-rock music and vocal reminding of the old, touching emo (and sometimes of my beloved Mew ("Dazed")) provides a lot of those. The musicians don't try to be super-duper catchy, they are careful to build up an atmosphere and tension in the tracks that create one, longer work. And the finish in "Broken Dance" with, indeed, ritualistically sounding drums, is extraordinarily satisfying.

The lyrics are also accordingly dark and touching as, for example, "Will it ever end, I keep asking myself, how did I get here, shaking in the bathroom, will it ever end ... I was born to sin ". Dark and stunning. I'd listen to more of their stuff.

"Ritualistic" can be yours for whatever you want to pay.

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