czwartek, 10 maja 2018

The Great Filter - The Pain Of Knowing (2018) EN

The Great Filter is Sean Lang, artist-drummer from Vancouver. Within this project, he wrote one track in two parts, which together deal with the feeling of loss. In an epic and making-you-lose-your-shoes way.

The track is released as "The Pain of Knowing", a long developing, breathtaking product of unmanageable emotions. Slow, steady pace of the first part, "To The One Whose Embrace I Will Never Feel", suddenly changes to death metal speed of drums (it's clear, what the artist's specialty is) adding form to the darkness of the guitars. Similarly, the second part's finish brings great deal of satisfaction after long phase of tension building.

The album, as stated by Lang, is not finished nor unfinished. Which is a statement on its own.

"The Pain Of Knowing" costs whatever you want.

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