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Beyond The Event Horizon - FAR EP (2018) EN

Four years after releasing the LP debut, the Poznań based Beyond the Event Horizon come back with an EP. As their name pledges, it is dominated with space atmosphere and matching electronic post-rock. It comes from their vision of creating "instrumental alternative rock not quite fitting in clichés".

That's probably why they create a well-balanced mix of guitar and electronic post-rock, it is exactly the electronic part that attracts and make the project unique and original. Pulsating, space backgrounds as in the opening "Far Beyond" and widely used delicate keys make the baseline of their music. This combined with engaging compositions that create the thrilling story of a being lost in the vast universe, make the album a good continuation of the debut.

What catches the attention is the way the compositions generate tension, especially in "Spiral" where the slow intro lined with samples sounding as if they were taken from SpaceX transmission, leads to the finishing explosion of loud guitar and electronic sounds. But in fact, the album has more down-to-Earth message because the real "Uncertain Return" addresses the whole humanity and what happens with it in those interesting times now. Besides the apocalyptic music, it is underlined by the use of samples from a TV broadcast from the 9/11 attacks.

"FAR" costs 4 EUR.

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