czwartek, 3 maja 2018

møl - JORD (2018) EN

Danish møl represents this fantastic subgenre in which post-metal atmosphere and shoegazing airiness are combined. It is both brutal and delicate, aggressive and soothing. Aarhus based musicians have released a new album after five years since their beginning and it's brilliant with every track being a small masterpiece.

In their music, the vocalist's metal-like scream is dispersed so it looses a bit of darkness but at the same time gains tons of airiness. Meanwhile, truly black metal drums and loud though smooth, not aggressively raw guitar sounds build monumental, breath-taking compositions.

The first part of the album is dominated by "Bruma", there is something mesmerizing in the tireless effort to get into the listeners' ears, in the ever-changing pace and throat damaging vocals. The latter is sometimes not even necessary to enchant the audience, just look at "Lamdba" with the guitars taking the leading role in the music.

"JORD" costs 7,99 GBP.

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