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:WatchCamp: May'18 - ANTHOLOMOIR, Blade of Grass, MIM, pacificUV, SPRING WINDS (2018) EN

ANTHOLOMOIR - Her Name Was...

Artist from Kansas and his atmospheric music as if taken from a soundtrack to a non-existent movie. Filled with nostalgia, sadness and classical instruments. Must-hear for fans of trembling strings and beautiful keys. Two tracks cost 2 USD.

Blade of Grass - Looks so Good

Psychedelic shoegaze from California in a quite fitting lo-fi form and catchy as the best mesmerizing tricks. The track can be yours for a dollar.

MIM - S // S

Very guitar-esque post-rock from Malaysia, pretty aggressive but also able to build up an impressive atmosphere, worth waiting for more. Two tracks for 1 USD.


Electronic, synth post-rock from Georgia, well-written and well-executed, more atmospheric than hitting with noise, more melancholic than energetic. Beautiful. Two tracks for 2 USD.


St Petersburg based band debuting with airy vocals and fantastic, dense guitar layers. Great first song. The single can be yours for whatever you want to pay.

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