piątek, 25 maja 2018

cosmologists - Learning (Grandma's Piano) (2018) EN

In March this year, Singapore based artist, known as comsologists' Grandmother died. He created this tribute album using truly lo-fi recordings from a few moments he played with her old piano. The effect of this experiment is this lovely album filled with fantastic atmosphere of delicate neoclassical music.

Besides the uncanny atmosphere of the piano keys, he album offers also a great way to sneak-peak the everyday life of the artist's family. The muffled voices in the background, the normal sounds of life. This alone would be a great symbol and tribute for the Grandmother. The tracks played by the artist don't sound improvised, quite on the contrary, the delicacy of him touching the keys and the hum of life in the background seem as if they were carefully planned and absolutely in tune with each other.

Learning was absolutely not in vain.

"Learning" can be yours for whatever you want to pay.

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