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Christoffer Franzen of Lights & Motion - Phenomenon (2017) EN

Christoffer Franzen, one of those Scandinavian artists who was born to generate feelings, who transforms cold, northern landscapes into beautiful notes, who is a musical genius. Known from his solo project Lights & Motion Franzen decided to release his new album with his surname on the cover. And his inspiration came form a non-existing movie in need of a soundtrack.

The album is full of magic generated on the piano keys and with this delicate, airy hum in the background. The track that stole my heart was, indeed, "Hollowed Heart". It shows that a song about a heart being broken doesn't have to have lyrics or a cringeworthy chorus. It can be a condensed sadness, so deep that it becomes beautiful. Franzen can be both intimate and pompous ("Illuminate") or even sink into a real ambient sea ("Elysian Fields").

This soundtrack to a non-existing movie is so good that it may be a good idea to hire the Swede to work with a regular one. The one by Ólafur was a success so...

"Phenomenon" costs only 1 USD.

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